June 19, 2007

Why do we need this?

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The Missouri Mapping Project is a project I’m working on with several agencies and folks. Each of these groups have unique goals, but I’m calling the work I’m doing here as the Missouri Mapping Project simply so I can both gather my thoughts and also solicit feedback on how to make this all work better.

The idea behind the project is simple: There are many federal, state and local government agencies and municipalities that have outdoor recreational opportunities for the Missouri public. Wouldn’t it be great if the information about these opportunities was easily available to the public in a common format? Furthermore, wouldn’t it be great if non-profit and even commercial interests could integrate their information with this public land information? Then a person planning a kayak trip on the Missouri River could plan where they would eat, sleep or rest on the trip.

(In fact, for the Missouri River, there is already such a place — The Missouri River Water Trail web site.)

The difficulty of coordinating this sort of data is that it is held by many different organizations and this information changes constantly. What is required is a simple way for towns, local shops as well as state and federal agencies to update their own information and allow anyone to gather that information.

That is what this project is all about. This project will provide a common format by which groups can share information about their outdoor recreational offering. This will provide groups a better presence on the Web and will provide better information to the public.

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