November 11, 2006

About me

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I’m Kirk Keller and I currently act as Outreach Supervisor overseeing interactive media and print publications for the Missouri Department of Conservation. Our Web site delivers over 2 million pages of content to over 120,000 unique visitors monthly. We create over 200 publications (not including our magazine with a subscription base of over 600,000 Missourians).

We’ve worked to keep on the leading edge with our Web site and now we’re at a point where I believe we can leverage the work we’ve done with content syndication and management to collaborate with other NGOs and agencies involved in conservation and environmental issues.

As I’ve become more involved in certain projects this year, I’ve realized the need for a place to share ideas on how we can share information between government, NGOs, munipalities, and commercial entities. This site is that place for me.

Over the next year, I’ll post on what I’m working on and I hope convince other folks to either provide blog links sharing their insights or perhaps even provide an entry here.

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