June 8, 2007

DMD presentation: The case for social media in state government

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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to share some of the information I got from the Social Media Summit I attended this past April. The group is the Digital Media Developers group or DMD. This group is made up of Web developers for government (primarily state agencies). They share ideas on how to make online government in Missouri more effective.

I’ve linked a copy of my presentation as a PowerPoint file and as a PDF. I don’t have notes written in the slides. However, if folks think that would be helpful, let me know and I’ll rework this presentation into a more stand-alone file you could edit and use.

Many of things I mentioned in the presentation are things I’ve discussed in more detail in posts here. To see what information I have on social media and government, try out the ‘blogging‘ and ‘state government‘ categories here. I have examples of what other states are doing and also examples of policies companies have developed to cover blogging.

You can also find links to sites dealing with egovernment in my account. If you also use and organize links related to egovernment, let me know. I’d be keen to subscribe and see what you’re finding.

I think we’re all still figuring out the best way to use social media in state government in Missouri. Lottery is testing the waters with a blog they recently launched. One conservation employee, David Thorne, is also using a blog to provide the public with information he usually provides in presentations.

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April 16, 2007

Social Media Summit (followup)

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ALI just posted the presentations from the Social Media Summit held in Chicago last week (April 10 - 12). Also the chair of the Summit, Michael Rudnick, has a brief post about the Summit.

I also came across Kevin O’keefe’s do’s and don’ts on company blogging, which provides a nice checklist to those getting ready to create a policy.


April 14, 2007

Blogging policies

Filed under: blogging — kirk @ 9:15 am

I wanted to write a quick note for fellow Social Media Summit folks providing a list of blogging policies I’ve found thus far. If you have some to add (especially related to gov. or edu.) let me know.

Most of these links go to blog entries that then link to the guidelines. I did this instead of linking directly because the blog entries provide extra information like advice and also background on how the policies got made.

I’m sure I’ll be modifying this post in the future to add more items.

In addition, has a nice overview of (guess what?) corporate blogging policies.

Social Media Summit (coming home)

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I spent Friday night getting up to speed with the tools discussed this week at the Social Media Summit. Quickly searched in Technorati and queried the phrase ’social media summit’. I immediately found the blogged thoughts of my fellow attendees as well as some presenters.

  • Lee Aase’s Lines from Lee
    • Lee was great in lowering the discomfort level of folks nervous about blogging. He made it look easy (and free!) Within the next day he was already supporting new bloggers on his site. The other great thing about Lee’s blog is that he has links to the presenters that, for one reason or another, didn’t show up on my narrow search in technorati…folks like Mayor Bill Gentes of Round Lake Il. This guy did a great matter-of-fact presentation on why government should blog. (I’ll have to focus later on Mayor Gentes and other folks in government already using social media.
  • Mark Jen’s plaxoed!
    • Mark is an entertaining conference presenter. He gave great examples of how bad blog reviews can quickly snowball and tip over into the mainstream media. The new social media doesn’t replace traditional media. However, it now is a powerful influence on what traditional media reports.
  • Kimberly Smith’s blog
    • To show how effective the summit’s an attendee who put up her own blog the last day of the conference. Look! no IT support needed! And look! in a Technorati search, she shows up right there with the people who are long-time users of blogs. This shows how social media begins to level the playing field on getting the word out to the public.
  • Janet Johnson’s The Art of Marketing
    • Even if I was too cheap to sign up for the pre-conference workshops, I can still get a peek of what workshop presenters like Janet were up to.
    • Now here’s the catch….hm…her entry was awhile back so I go to her site and she has an update….just not titled “Social Media Summit”…which makes sense. It’s about the conversation she had while here. By the way, go to her site for a good link to some ammunition you can use for making the case for blogging within your organization….check out her main blog…you’ll always find some good stuff for making the blog case…thanks Janet…sorry I was too cheap to go to the pre-conf. workshop now.

Not all the results were from blogs of the presenters or attendees. Industrywatcher, for example, has an entry mentioning Gordon Rudow, CEO of Bonfire Communications, who gave a fantastic after conference workshop on how to leverage new technologies to drive important conversations within your organization. The talk, however, turned out to be much more than that. He presented a method by which you can get your organization to focus on key communication goals for ANY communication product whether it’s a blog post or a paper poster. It was a fantastic talk considering he condensed what is usually a one or two day conference to 3 hours….great job.

[note to other conference folks: not only was the post conference stuff great but now that all you guys are gone I’m getting great bandwidth on Hyatt Regency’s network this morning]

Well, it’s time to pack and catch my flight back to Missouri, but to those summit folks who might be reading this, keep in touch.

April 12, 2007

Social Media Summit Day 1 (continued)

Filed under: blogging — kirk @ 11:49 am

Ok, so maybe I was too tired to finish the post last night.

First of all, let me say that this conference has been really good. In fact, I have too much material to possibly include in one post.

I usually find conferences to not be technical enough, or not address workflow issues or simply not be relevant. All of the speakers at this conference, however, have been quite good.

The conference is hosted by Advanced Learning Institute

Great ideas I’ve gleaned from day 1:

Create teams to own and post to a blog

For offical blogs, consider having them team owned and on a subject rather than owned by an individual. I got this idea from Jim Goldstein of Informatica Corp.

This approach solves several problems. If a team owns your offical blog or blogs:

  • it’s easier to get regular postings
  • you’re covered if someone is sick, moves on or is promoted

“Social” is the key concept of this Social Media conference.

Although I already ‘get it’ when it comes to Web 2.0 and have read the various points about how Web 2.0 and 1.0 differ, somehow it all didn’t really come to a head for me until this conference. Web 2.0 or the social Web will be as big as Web pages were in the 90s. However, technology and money is not the issue for Web 2.0. Any business can create blogs, wikis or other social media outlets with little or no money or technical support. What it will require, however, is social capital. Your employees and administrators will have to participate in this new media and your organization or agency will have no choice but to participate. There are probably already Web 2.0 sites out there with communities actively discussing your agency or group. The question is whether your organization will participate in that discussion.

There are many more items to list here, but I now see that it will probably be best to split them up over several posts.

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April 11, 2007

Social Media Summit day 1

Filed under: Collaboration, blogging — kirk @ 7:47 pm

More to come late tonight after a grab a soda. But for now a couple of links I promised some folks:

Wired 15.04. The See-Through CEO

Good article on how the Internet and blogs should change business structure. If you click up from the article you’ll see the issue is dedicated to how business needs to be transparent in the new Web.

The machine is us/ing us.

A cool video using text (in various media and format) to show how information has moved from print to Web 1.0 to Web 2.0. It was created by a Kansas State anthropology class studying online social phenomena.

Check out what they’re up to on their class Web site:

April 10, 2007

Social Media Summit

Filed under: Government, Collaboration, blogging — kirk @ 8:56 pm

This week I’m at the Social Media Summit (hosted by This conference seems geared primarily at the social engineering required to get buy-in internally for your ‘Web 2.0′ projects (launching blogs, podcasts, etc.).

I hope to get some collaboration and contacts from this conference if I can find folks who are working in the NGO or government side of things.

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